Now (12-27-2008) on trip to Florida click KC9LGS-4 link

APRS CALL (SSID) SATUS Station type Software Hardware
KC9LGS-1  (click link) Active Base  Weather station running UI-32  Kantronics KAM, ICOM-2SRA (HT), and Mirage 25 Watt Amp
KC9LGS-2  (click link) Active Base AWG Tracker  Kantronics KC3P+, Alinco, DJ-V17T (HT)
KC9LGS-3  (click link) Active Base AWG Tracker (same as KC9LGS-2 but ports out WX data Kantronics KC3P+, Alinco, DJ-V17T (HT)
KC9LGS-4  (click link) Active Mobile Car TinyTrack 3 Firmware TinyTrack 3 ICOM-2SRA (HT), and Mirage 20 Watt Amp
KC9LGS-5  (click link) Inactive Mobile bicycle TNC2 Firmware TNC2 in Kenwood TH-D7A(G)
KC9LGS-7 Inactive Mobile Balloon microtrak Firmware microtrak and homebrew GPS
KC9LGS-8 Inactive Mobile Balloon Homebrew OWL ARPS Firmware Homebrew GPS OWL ARPS Hardware
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